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Social Media

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, What???

Let’s face it, there’s new generations coming up and they get their information in new ways. They still want access to product and services but they would like to have it through the channels they use. Communication in these channels is key, there’s a conversation already out there about your company and it’s important that you’re listening and giving feedback.

These services can be put together an a holistic social media strategy that can build new leads, improve customer satisfaction, and give way to a new feedback channel previously untapped.

Social Media Services

  • Social Profile Creation and Setup
  • Embedded Widgets in Your Site
  • Industry Specific, Reputation Management and Reporting
  • Custom Pages and Content for the Social Web
  • Integrating Social Media Into Your Site
  • Social Media Audit: Where Am I At Now?
  • Competitive Analysis: Where Are My Competitors At Now?

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