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Blog Development

Blog Development

Be Human, Be a Thought Leader Through Blogging!

Everyday customers and potential prospects scour the internet looking for thoughts, ideas, and recommendations on the very products and services you sell. A blog provides a customer an insight into the knowledge of a company, they may then contact you directly looking for more information even to an RFI or RFP. Blogging in another channel for cultivating relationships.

Blog development is one of the most important ways to get indexed on Google, Bing, and other major search engines. The reason is because you become an authoritative figure once other sources recommend your posts on your industry. Once your blog is indexed, which we submit to all major search engines, they will be able to determine how many are pointing to you as a reference on your material.

Blog Services

  • Strategic strategy and consulting
    • Analyze business objectives and determine program efficacy
  • Design
    • Custom, bespoke design or template themed depending on budget
  • Implementation/Deployment and Configuration
    • Server selection, installation, optimized hosting configuration
  • Maintenance and Copywritting
    • Posting, troubleshooting, and reporting

So show your knowledge off a little bit, it’s the only way to figure out the smartest in the room!

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